Hello. My name is Florian L. Taltavull. I'm a French-born "thinker" living in Austria, Europe (not Australia!) with my beautiful wife Sabrina.

The reason I call myself a thinker is because I like to (and tend to) have an opinion about everything. Not only on things you read on this site; it just has to pique my interest.

I'm currently going through many changes in my life and am currently employed as a "Multimedia Marketing Producer". Really vague job title, but I'm more or less responsible for different kinds of media presence for a political party.
Due to this recent change I haven't had much time for other projects, which includes this site. Writing on this site and working on other creations is something dear to my heart I want to persue more in the future. I'm also really interested in photography, music and video, and have a thing for games, design, productivity, managing life, "geekery", and trying to change things.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. It means a lot.

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I use affiliate links when linking to iTunes, and when doing so I can assure you that the app is worth the money. I wouldn't link to an app I haven't tested myself, and I wouldn't tell you to spend money on something I don't believe in (or support). By using my links you contribute to keeping this site alive.
When linking to someone else's site (mostly via Linked Posts), I try my best to make it clear what's their's and what's mine. And same as before, I don't intend to steal page views or something via those links, when I link to something I like to share my opinion about it, and I think the article is worth your time.

Thank you for reading my site!