022/365: Part of my Meditation Nook.


Meditation has become something essential to my wellbeing over the last years. I have long had difficulties starting to meditate and actually slowing down to take the time for it, but over time I have learned that it is not about doing it, but experiencing the moment.
For long I wasn’t able to sit down and shut my brain off for a moment. I still struggle to from time to time, but before, I always thought that I would be doing meditation wrong, until I realized that there is no wrong way of meditating. This important lesson took me long enough to learn.
So, if you’re struggling with it as well, or have been wanting to get into meditation as well, just take some time and start by doing it. There is no wrong way. And don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t feel right at first. As with everything else, it takes practice. Some times more, some times less. But you evolve over time.