Beautiful Hand-Made Pen-And-Paper Accessories By Nock Co.

Last week Nock Co. officially opened up their store.
After finishing the production of their successful Kickstarter campaign to generate enough money to "purchase the equipment and materials needed to launch [their] shop", Brad Dowdy (whom you may know from his site The Pen Addict or the Podcast with the same name) and Jeffrey Bruckwicki were able to open up the gates of the Nock Co. Shop.

The hand-made pen (and other writing accessories) cases look and feel incredible. I'm using mine since the day I got them, and I'm feeling a little sad because I don't enough enough writing material to fill them all. There's no need to worry though as I know that I have enough time to use them. I honestly think that they'll last forever.

As you can read on their blog, they have already introduced a new product called The Fodderstack, and you read Jeffrey's post about the launch including some behind the scene pictures.

We Are All Workspaces →

Mike Vardy on why We Are All Workspaces:

“No matter where I was on this trip, I was able to do something to move things forward. In fact, no matter where I am every day I am always able to do something to move things forward. I have learned not to rely on technology.”

In a world where we all rely on technology to do more (or a least we think so), it's still important to be able to work on something when you don't have your technology at hand.
This is also one of the many reasons why I carry a notebook and some pens with me on a daily basis (in my Nock case as well).

Jason Snell's Hands-On of Yosemite →

After what I've seen from Yosemite so far (I haven't been able to try it yet), I agree with what Jason Snell writes in his hands-on of OS X Yosemite:

"Some of the design decisions in this first developer release seem a little unfinished, which is fair enough—the OS itself is unfinished! I’d like to see more consistency when it comes to the way stoplight buttons and title bars are displayed, and I worry about the increased clutter and decrease in clickable areas for dragging windows. I’m also a bit concerned about the loss of window titles in apps where they impart real information. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple designs its individual built-in apps, and what decisions third-party Mac developers make on this front."

Some decisions with subtle design changes and differences don't seem to be final yet. There are even inconsistencies in UI elements in Apple's apps, but it's still in beta after all.
I'm looking forward to using the new design, and after seeing more and more of Yosemite, Mavericks is starting to look really old and a little rough around the edges.

The Color Purple →

Jeffrey Zeldman:

"When my daughter was little, she used to ask me my favorite color. […] Grownups don’t have favorite colors. But children do.
Rebecca Meyer had a favorite color. It was purple. A color that might be expressed in the hexadecimal language of web design as #663399."

This is really heartbreaking. It's not a lot, but there's something we all can do:

"It’s so easy to do, there’s no reason not to. Go to Twitter on 12 June and post the hashtag #663399Becca along with any additional words or pictures you feel moved to share. Or just share the hashtag. It will not be enough. Nothing will ever be enough. But it will be something."

WWDC 14: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


After everything we've heard about WWDC this year, I'm curious about what Apple will announce at this year's World Wide Developer Conference. I also found this old saying to be fitting in some way: "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue".

Something Old: There's one thing that will not undergo any big changes and may stay the same old with some improvements and updates (and some new apps?), iOS 8. When iOS 7 was introduced, we saw a big change in design and functionality. Some developers are still working on making their apps look perfect on iOS 7. I don't see any huge changes coming to iOS 8, but refinements.

Something New: While the Mac OS X update may be a new thing, I'm still curious about the new products or category Tim Cook has been talking about for quite some time now. This is the real new thing that will be announced today.

Something Borrowed: Many things could fall into this category. The design choice to make Mac OS X look more like iOS like Apple started doing some time ago, music streaming and curation like with the newly acquired Beats Music, multitasking à la Surface (I don't think so), etc. Something that has been coming up a lot lately is the automated home and of course the Apple TV, again. Something borrowed could be from partners Apple could be collaborating with to make these things happen.

Something Blue: As for the blue, you see it a lot. The banner for Mac OS X, is the picture of a mountain (Yosemite?) with a blue sky and clouds in the background, iOS 8 features water, on Apple's ticket registration site for developers the ticket is a green that fades into blue (the tickets/passes are green though), and the colorful header they chose for WWDC 14 has blue in the center as well!

Well the last part with the color is not to take that serious. It was nice that it worked with the phrase. Or could there be more?

The Special Event will be streamed on Apple's site at 10 a.m. PDT.

PDF Expert Goes Universal With 5.1 Update

After announcing it last week, PDF Expert by Readdle goes Universal with 5.1 update.

As I said in my review of PDF Expert 5 for iPad:

"The five points of focus in this update are the new, clean, flat and iOS 7 style redesign, a completely revamped file manager with a bunch of new features, a new PDF Viewer with a full screen mode, a Text To Speech mode which makes use of iOS 7's text to speech API, and a brand new and revolutionary Review Mode."

If you just moved from PDF Expert 4 to version 5 on the iPhone, you'll basically have the same experience. You'll be guided through a migration assistant which retrieves your important files from version 4, and you'll instantly appreciate the new design, the much better file manager with improved drag and drop support, new features like annotating, editing, filling in and signing form, and a faster overall experience. What's also really nice is that your iCloud files automatically are available in the new version as well.

This update also has three new features including continuos scrolling, calculations in LiveCycle Designer Forms, and more speed. Continuos scrolling works as you'd expect it to and comes in really handy on the iPhone version. It lets you read much fast and have a better overview of the document you're editing. It's blazing fast even with big documents and searching the document happens instantly.

Unfortunately you don't have the great inter-app communication as you have on the iPad, but with this app going universal, maybe we'll have more possibilities in the future. Nevertheless PDF Expert 5.1 works perfectly fine on the iPhone and keeps getting better with each update.

If you already bought PDF Expert 5 for the iPad, this is a free update for you, and if you're new to PDF Expert, you can get it on the App Store for $9.99.