A New Computer Class

Ben Brooks on the idea of adding the "MacBook as New Computer Class":

"[…] I think we need a new computer class that includes MacBooks and iPads together.
"[…] [I]f you want to touch your screen you buy an iPad. If you don’t want to touch your screen you buy a MacBook. Yes, a MacBook. And yes that applies to everyone asking that question, because anyone asking the question of which Mac to get, doesn’t care about performance and they only care about good enough. If you care about performance, then you are asking a more specific question: should I get X, or X with B, or Y with Q?"

Really good point when trying to explain why people should use X as their device. I often get asked "Have you heard about the new …? Why do you think they chose to do …?". Simple questions like Ben's could make the conversation/answer easier.