Inquisitive: Behind the App


Inquisitive: Behind the App

The Inquisitive Podcast by Myke Hurley has gone through many iterations through its course. The biggest change from formerly being an interview show with a plethora of fantastic guests (see here[1]), is the completely different take on the Podcast medium.

The way Myke approaches this series is via storytelling. “Behind the App” is a multi-interview documentary that gives a much better understanding on what happens behind the scenes of your most beloved apps. From how it all started in 2008, passing the fears and limitations Apple put in the paths of many developers, to the day the app finally goes on sale, Myke does a phenomenal job of covering it. But it doesn’t stop there. Marketing, talking to reviewers and press people, the relationship between journalists and developers, and much more is yet to come.

If you have in any way ever been interested in working on an app, making your idea a reality, talking to developers or writing about apps, this series is definitely for you. There’s no better way to have a more insightful look at either side of it.

#27: Behind the App #1: History
In the first episode of “Behind the App”, a special series of Inquisitive, we take a look at the beginnings of iOS app development, by focusing on the introduction of the iPhone and the App Store.

#28: Behind the App #2: Bigger Than Hollywood
In the second episode of ‘Inquisitive: Behind the App’, we look at the industry that Apple created with the App Store, try to understand how it got so large, and see how this has affected developers over time.

#29: Behind the App #3: The 30% Cut
This time on ‘Behind the App’, we look at the 30/70 revenue split for developers on the App Store. We look back at how people felt about this when it was introduced, understand how they feel about it now, and try to gauge if Apple is holding up their end of the deal.

#30: Behind the App #4: Apple as the Gatekeeper
This time on ‘Behind the App’ we take a look at how Apple’s approval guidelines have changed over time, and highlight some of the issues people have had working within them.

#31: Behind the App #5: App Review
This week we take a look at some of the pressures of sending your app off for review to Apple. We look in to some of the inconsistent messages that can come from Cupertino, how Apple’s secrecy could be detrimental and also why some people actually want Apple to take a stronger stance with review.

#32: Behind the App #6: Ideas
This time we investigate where app ideas come from. We take a look at some of the original plans behind popular apps and the process developers go through to expand these further.

#33: Behind the App #7: Identity
This time we take a look at how the name and icon that you chose for an app can give it an identity, and how this can become an important part of the development process.

#34: Behind the App #8: The Night Before Launch
This time we talk to a selection of developers about how it feels the night before you launch an app on to the App Store.

#35: Behind the App #9: Working with the Press
This week we take a look at how developers tease their apps to build hype, how they manage relationships with the press, and how journalists feel about this themselves.

#36: Behind the App #10: Launch Day
This time we take a look at what happens after you launch your app on to the store, what it’s like to deal with the influx of tweets and emails, and how people decided what to do next.

#37: Behind the App #11: The Future
On the final episode of Behind the App, we take a look at the what the future of the App Store could be.

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Note: The first series of “Behind the App” has now ended. A new series will start soon, so keep an eye (and your ears) open for another episode of Inquisitive with Myke Hurley.