I'm Still Here

I just wanted to give you a heads-up and let you know that I'm still here. This site is still and has always been very important to me, and I'm in the process of thinking about what to do with it.

For a long time now I wanted my site to be different from what you can see everywhere else; not just another "weblog" (sorry, but it sounds more dramatic that way) from a guy who likes beautiful and shiny things and tends to share his opinion about it. I will of course share my opinion here, after all it is my home page; my tiny corner of the internet.

(Note: While writing this post I had to find out that my site seemed to have expired 5 days ago. I was in the belief that it would - as it did last time - renew itself, but due to complications it didn't work this time. Well, some things just happen for a reason.)

Some Changes Here…

When thinking about how and what to share here, I have often come back to the much beloved linked post. Besides writing "opinion pieces" or reviews, it often happened to me that I had something to say about a current event, something that is making the rounds online, or maybe just I wanted to talk about something I've read somewhere. The problem I had with sharing these things were often time related. Due to my time zone (Austria, CEST, UTC/GMT +2 hours) and work, I can only catch up on the events hours after they happened. Sharing my opinion about it can then often either be affected by what I've read or not seem relevant anymore – at least I thought about it that way for a long time.
What I'm sharing though is still my opinion about it; my perspective about said topic. There's no one else who can see it the exact same way I do (it is possible, but not likely).

… And Somewhere Else

For some weeks I've been working on a new site. A new project I want to start in the near future. I still have to figure out a lot of details and especially how to actually make it work. One thing I'm already sure of is that I want it to be a little different than what we already know and have in our community of [insert your field of interest here]-nerds. There's a risk in trying something different than what we know is already working, but I got nothing to lose – at least that's my perspective.

I know I haven't said a lot about what I want to do (yet), but I would love to know if you'd be interested in hearing more about it or even share your opinion. The best way of contacting me is via Twitter at @florianlionel or via the contact form.
It'd also mean a lot if you'd be willing to offer some help with the first stages of creating the new site, setting up some background operations (which seem so simple – if you know what you're doing), suggesting some people to work with, and provide other useful information on writing online.