On Being Fired Up

Seth Godin once again hits a vulnerable spot. I'm sure many of you have felt this way before.

"Fired up isn't something you can count on, but it's certainly possible to create a job, an opportunity and a series of inputs and feedback that makes it more likely that people get that way.

And fired up sometimes drives people to do amazing work with you, especially if you've built a job description and an organization that can take that energy and turn it into work that matters."

When I wrote about still being here, I had initially planned to release some more information about a project I'm working on; I was all fired up one could say. The problem though is keeping this internal fire burning.
Many obstacles have been put in my way again like sand that's continuously being thrown into this said fire. There's one thing though with fire, when the spark is still burning, there's always more to come.
Don't let anything put that fire out that's burning inside you. Learn to handle it. Become master of your element.