"This year I will …" is something you tend to hear for the first few weeks of the new year. Why? Because people want things to be differently. They do not say if they're not happy with the current state the thing is in or if they just feel bored with it, but they want it to change.
"You can change" is a phrase Shawn Blanc likes to use in his course when he wants to empower you to believe in yourself and get the best out of you.
"Change is a good thing; Change is a bad thing" will be thrown around all year long when either one is happy or feels bad about something they have or are working on.
To go further into the good/bad topic, there's a really thin line between what's the right change. If you're a writer, podcaster, musician, or "creator" in any other way, you will always have people supporting you for what ever direction you take, but also "haters". They will follow your upcoming moves precisely and may probably tell you more than you would think about what they don't like how your change, "ruined" their thing. Either way, you will find your way and work with it, or upon review tweak it a little more and make it better.

So what is all this about? It is part of my change. Several times I've come back to writing, online I have to specify as I love the way of expressing myself this way. Personally I never quit. My journal and folders have been filled with thoughts, ideas, projects, drafts, etc. about things I wanted to get out of my system, but rarely has something been seen by someone else's eyes.
This is where change comes in again. Over the course of the last year I've been listening to many shows and talks, reading books and articles about - to put it in an easier way - "work that matters to you". I had the chance to be part of the early Focus Course program which I've mentioned several times before, which helped me define the term "meaningful work". While I haven't gotten to the point I wanted to see myself last year, I sure have changed a lot during this time. I have no idea where this new journey will take me, but I'm certain of where I would want to go, and that is something I have been missing for a long time.

Writing this isn't hard. All it takes is a blank page and an input device, but also something very important, the time and will to show up and do it.
The difficult part about it is not keeping it to yourself; sharing it with people who may feel the same struggle and could themselves feel empowered to sit down, take a moment and write, record, draw, perform, create, do what they want to do and get good great at it.

Change can be hard, but it mustn't be.