Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide

Talking about Apple Music, the team at iMore has been on top of everything you wanted to know about Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, iTunes Match, and how to use it. Serenity Caldwell has been doing an amazing job at covering the details about the complicated parts and how to use the service the way you like.

The 120-page guide will be available on August 20th for $4.99 and you can already pre-order it on the iBookstore. As you can see below, it will cover some ground and help you with questions you shouldn't be asking yourself.

"If you want to love Apple Music, but it's got you scratching your head, we've got the guide for you.

In this book, we cover Apple Music's basics, the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match, what iCloud Music Library is (and what it does), and how to use iOS 8.4's Music app, Apple Music Siri commands, and iTunes 12.2."

I think Eddy Cue and Apple's Executives could take a look at it, and if they find something confusing, they know where to start making changes.