Apple and MVNO Share a Past

Update: According to Reuters, Apple has denied working on an MVNO. "We have not discussed nor do we have any plans to launch an MVNO".

As reported by Business Insider:

"Apple is in talks to launch a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service in the US and Europe […]"

First of all I think that this would be a great move for the future of Apple. Especially as Apple is going even more wireless with its latest MacBook and perhaps a future with a standalone Apple Watch.
This goal of launching a MVNO may be years away which means that Apple could already be working on technology that supports it in a better way.

There's also the "elephant in the room" as Dan Moren pointed out in his Stay Foolish column for Macworld in May:

"Finally, to me, there’s the elephant in the room: Apple’s history with services. The company’s record when it comes to services is unreliable at best, with snafus for MobileMe, iCloud, the new Photos Library, and even the usually stable iTunes Store. I don’t dispute that Apple could improve if it invested in talent there the same way it did in other sectors where it didn’t have expertise, but it’s starting from a position of disadvantage."

This doesn't have to say anything about the quality of upcoming services, but still there's always this little feeling of doubt when going all-in with Apple's services.

Apple and MVNO already have some sort of history. As written in the book "Becoming Steve Jobs", Steve told Brent Schlender in 1997 that he never wanted to do business with "the stupid carriers", but due to the rise of the cellphone sales in 2004, Steve and his team started investigating on what to do for their upcoming new device, the iPhone. Fortunately, for the iPhone's future, Steve decided against a MVNO model because of its complexity.

As much as I would like to see Apple offer something that supports their own ecosystem even better, I think that this future is still far away – especially to EU countries which are already behind on many features Apple is offering.