Another Reason To ❤︎ ("Heart") Apple Watch

Ken Robson self-diagnosed his heart arrhythmia with Apple Watch which "vastly improved [his] life much quicker than it would have otherwise" as he told MedCity News:

"When he got to the hospital, Robson told staff that he had been tracking his heart rate on the watch, and had two weeks of back data. “Going in with the data certainly reduced my stay by a couple of days,” he told MedCity News. It also assured that he could have the operation nearly immediately.

Because the hospital could check his Apple Watch data, Robson did not have to wear a heart monitor for a week before the medical team at Scripps Mercy could confirm the diagnosis of sick sinus syndrome."

It's moments like these that make Apple Watch the magical device Apple always talks about. Life changing experiences is what makes you appreciate this technology even more and drives you to create a better future with every step.