New Bentley Documentary Filmed With iPhone 6

One year after releasing the first short documentary for Bentley, director Austin Reza produced another short for the "Intelligent Details" series called "The Bespoke Driving Jacket".
This film features four tailoring houses which were commissioned by Bentley Motors to each create a Bespoke Driving Jacket for the Savile Row Bespoke exhibition in Washington, D.C..

As with the previous film, only Apple devices were used for the production. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have obviously been equipped with professional gear to up the standards of filmmaking. On the software side, FiLMiC Pro and Filmmaker have been used to have more control over the details, and to add a more film-like feel.

The behind the scenes shows a little more about the gear used, but as with every piece of art, it's not only about the gear, but how you present it. In Austin Reza's words:

"While technology and cameras are important in producing images, moving pictures are about capturing moments."