Beautiful Hand-Made Pen-And-Paper Accessories By Nock Co.

Last week Nock Co. officially opened up their store.
After finishing the production of their successful Kickstarter campaign to generate enough money to "purchase the equipment and materials needed to launch [their] shop", Brad Dowdy (whom you may know from his site The Pen Addict or the Podcast with the same name) and Jeffrey Bruckwicki were able to open up the gates of the Nock Co. Shop.

The hand-made pen (and other writing accessories) cases look and feel incredible. I'm using mine since the day I got them, and I'm feeling a little sad because I don't enough enough writing material to fill them all. There's no need to worry though as I know that I have enough time to use them. I honestly think that they'll last forever.

As you can read on their blog, they have already introduced a new product called The Fodderstack, and you read Jeffrey's post about the launch including some behind the scene pictures.