WWDC 14: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


After everything we've heard about WWDC this year, I'm curious about what Apple will announce at this year's World Wide Developer Conference. I also found this old saying to be fitting in some way: "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue".

Something Old: There's one thing that will not undergo any big changes and may stay the same old with some improvements and updates (and some new apps?), iOS 8. When iOS 7 was introduced, we saw a big change in design and functionality. Some developers are still working on making their apps look perfect on iOS 7. I don't see any huge changes coming to iOS 8, but refinements.

Something New: While the Mac OS X update may be a new thing, I'm still curious about the new products or category Tim Cook has been talking about for quite some time now. This is the real new thing that will be announced today.

Something Borrowed: Many things could fall into this category. The design choice to make Mac OS X look more like iOS like Apple started doing some time ago, music streaming and curation like with the newly acquired Beats Music, multitasking à la Surface (I don't think so), etc. Something that has been coming up a lot lately is the automated home and of course the Apple TV, again. Something borrowed could be from partners Apple could be collaborating with to make these things happen.

Something Blue: As for the blue, you see it a lot. The banner for Mac OS X, is the picture of a mountain (Yosemite?) with a blue sky and clouds in the background, iOS 8 features water, on Apple's ticket registration site for developers the ticket is a green that fades into blue (the tickets/passes are green though), and the colorful header they chose for WWDC 14 has blue in the center as well!

Well the last part with the color is not to take that serious. It was nice that it worked with the phrase. Or could there be more?

The Special Event will be streamed on Apple's site at 10 a.m. PDT.