New Bentley Ad Filmed With iPhone 5s, Edited With iPad Air

I've talked about the iPhone 5s being used as a professional video camera before, and it's great to see new and great things come out every now and then.

This time the promotion for the iPhone 5s' camera comes from Bentley in association with video production firm Reza & Co.. As you can see on R&Co.'s site, it's not the first time they worked with Bentley, but this time instead of using DSLRs, they went iOS only – from filming to production.

The whole video was shot using the iPhone 5s, paired with third-party accessories including steadicams and lens adapters with multiple lenses, and was edited on the iPad Air using iMovie and FilMiC Pro paired with Apple's wireless keyboard. And just to make this make this sound even more interesting, it was edited in the Bentley Mulsanne you see featured in the video. There's more information on the gear used on AppleInsider's "behind the scenes" post.

I really enjoy seeing people use these devices to create great things and I'm looking forward to see what we'll see next.

That's what someone should look at when saying you can't do productive things or real work on an iPad (or any iOS device).