Is Your Creative Idea "Worth" A Tweet?

Today Patrick Rhone and his wife Bethany announced their project Tweet Small Change.

To quote from "Tweet Small Change":

"What art would you create with $140?
Can you tell us in a tweet?"

I really like the idea of trusting someone you've never met or heard of and invest in their potential idea. $140 may not sound like a lot, but it may just be enough to get something started you've been thinking about for quite some time.
Besides having your first investor, Tweet Small Change can also open up the doors to the social network you've always been striving to be part of.

Check out Tweet Small Change's site for more info, follow the project/idea on Twitter, and don't forget to submit your ideas with the hashtag #tweetsmallchange.

"We really do believe small changes can have big results."
Patrick Rhone