Apple Airs New Ad, Entirely Shot Using iPhones

30 Years of Mac header.png

Today Apple added a new category to their "Thirty Years of Mac" mini page (that is not so "mini" anymore) called ""1.24.14" Film".

This page welcomes you again with a beautiful video with the same name as the page, "1.24.14" Film. What makes this video so fascinating is that "this film was shot around the world in one day, entirely on iPhone". As you can read on the accompanying page, Apple sent out 15 camera crews all over the world who shot over 70 hours of footage, all using the iPhone 5s, and all in one day. The footage from 15 locations, using 100 iPhones, capturing 45 stories, was beamed to one director in real time so he could be at all locations simultaneously via FaceTime. The footage was then edited by 21 editors – all from and on Apple's devices.

When looking at the finished, 90 second product, you can again see what has been made possible by Apple and their devices. The "film" features the technology that Macintosh promised to put in people's hands thirty years ago.
This time Apple puts more emphasis back on Apple in Education, but you can also see examples of using iPads and Macs in the field for research, an iPhone for a photo shoot, the Mac for design work, recording and delivering audio, and you can even see the beginning of a cinematographer career of a child using the technology that has been given into its hands.
The video ends in an iPod-ad-like(ish) silhouette shot with a white Apple logo on a Mac.

30 Years of Mac on iPhone.png

You can see the video below, and don't forget to read more about how they produced it on Apple's site.