Day One Teases Publish, A Public Sharing Feature

Paul Mayne, developer of the popular journaling app Day One, teased/introduced a new feature coming to Day One in the future with a tweet linking to this page. Shortly after that, a tweet from the Day One account (Pre-)Introduced Publish by Day One.

Publish lets you (or will in the future) share your entries from your Day One journal, and you'll be able to create a beautiful and responsive webpage containing everything you can put in an entry.

While this is a really nice feature for easily creating a good looking site to share some words, pictures, things you wanted to share with the world, I wouldn't really want to share the things I'm writing in Day One with everyone. Chris Gonzales feels the same way I do:

"Although I probably wouldn't publish any of my entries in their current state—mainly because I don't edit them very vigorously—some of them do contain the nuggets of ideas that end up on Unretrofied. I can imagine that other people who put more effort into their entries are going to publish some excellent stuff."

I really like the way the pages look though and could think of some things to share that way. It's something I'd need to integrate/change in my workflow (and maybe separate with a tag in Day One), but I'm really looking forward to it.

If you feel the same, you can subscribe here to be notified when Publish is releases, and if you're not using Day One yet (which you definitely should), here's a link to the iOS and the Mac app.