Apple Airs New iPad Air Commercial Called "Your Verse"

What will your verse be?.png

Apple has aired a new iPad Air commercial with the name "Your Verse Anthem" that can be seen as a continuation of their previous initiative "Life on iPad". The ad features a voiceover from the movie Dead Poets Society, where John Keating (played by Robin Williams) describes why people read and write poetry.

As they did with Life on iPad, Apple also published a new page called Your Verse with stories of how people use the iPad. For the moment there’s one story that lets you “dive deeper” (pun intended) into how biologist Michael Berumen uses the iPad for his research.[1].

As I mentioned when writing about Life on iPad, the examples used in this video are of course a little extreme, and for some viewers even exaggerated, but what would be better to make someone else want to achieve a similar result?

The ad starts with the quote "[…] the human race is filled with passion". On the Your Verse page, Apple says: "Each of us has something to share. A voice, a passion, a perspective."

What is a better strategy to promote a product than giving someone the intention and will to make the best out of it.

You can watch the ad on Apple's Your Verse page, or embedded below.

One last time to get it stuck in your head:

"That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?"

  1. When at the bottom of the story’s page, this is the kind of detail I love from Apple.  ↩