The Devil Is In The Detail (And Apple's New Ad)

After releasing iOS 7, Apple aired their new ad "Designed Together", focusing on the beautiful new iOS 7 design and how nicely it looks on the soon to come iPhone 5c.

There are lots of animations like jumping from the hardware back to iOS 7, morphing into colors that showcase some app icons, and then turning back into the iPhone 5c's color again, while heavily using forms like the rounded squares and circles.

One thing that seemed funny to me was, that at some point the focus is on the built-in speaker that has four circles; and while I understand that this isn't a big deal and may be the best (and maybe only) way to make this transition, those four dots turn into a variation of the Game Center icon, until a fifth color/bubble gets added, making it look like Game Center's interface itself.

The strange thing to me is that Apple pays a lot attention to detail (I mean, think about the "Breathing Status LED Indicator" on the MacBook Pro), and then they just make a fifth bubble come out of nowhere, even though they could've just turned it into the Game Center icon.

To make it clear, I really like the ad and the way it's done, it's just that this is the devil in the detail.

Here's the short part I'm talking about.

Apple's iPhone 5c Designed Together Ad

And now to the really fun and beautiful ad.

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