iPhone & iOS 7 Reviews And What's Interesting To Me

Yesterday night - prior to Apple’s iOS 7 release today - people started publishing their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c reviews, including their thoughts on iOS 7.

Here’s some things that stood out to me instantly.[1]

Jim Dalrymple’s Review of the new iPhones

On Touch ID (the fingerprint sensor).

It became very clear how much I used the fingerprint sensor when I would pick up the iPhone 5c and wonder why the sensor wasn’t working. Of course, only the 5s has the sensor, but that’s how quickly I became used to having that option.

On the new camera (without going into further details about the sensor, pixels, flash etc.).

The cameras in the iPhone have also been updated, which is great for people like me. I’m not a very good photographer, so I rely on my camera to do all of the work for me. For years now, I’ve only carried the camera that comes with my iPhone. Even on vacation, I only have my iPhone and so far I’ve been very happy with the results.

Photography for me is about capturing a moment in time in the most convenient way possible. Mostly those moments are spontaneous, not staged. I’ll just take my iPhone out, snap a picture and I’m done. If the camera sucks, so does my picture. Luckily, the iPhone camera keeps getting better, so my pictures do too.

Of course I’ve been seeing a lot about iOS 7 already, but this is exactly what you want about something new.

I have been using iOS 7 for the last month or so as my full time operating system. Not only have I gotten used to it, I quickly came to prefer it over iOS 6.

Nobody likes change, but sometimes change is for the best. iOS 7 is one of those changes.

One thing that people are always concerned about with new things is the way it’ll work and if it’s something you’ll be using every day, or if it is something that should have been saved for a later release.
With this new iPhone (5s) the question is, if the fingerprint sensor is really as good as demoed. But as Jim Dalrymple before, David Pogue of NYTimes.com also seems to be impressed with this new thing.

As already quoted before by several other people:

David Pogue | NYTimes

The best part is that it [Touch ID] actually works — every single time, in my tests. It’s nothing like the balky, infuriating fingerprint-reader efforts of earlier cellphones. It’s genuinely awesome; the haters can go jump off a pier.

I also don’t want to dive too deep into the new A7 chip, but one thing I wanted to quote, was about the M7 coprocessor.

There’s also a second chip devoted to tracking motion data from the phone’s compass, gyroscope and tilt sensor. Apple says this coprocessor should save battery life when you use fitness tracking apps, because it can monitor your data all day long; the main chip, which requires six times as much power, can remain asleep.

As fascinating as this might be, a question that may come up is about battery life, but Pogue also has this one covered:

Apple says battery life is about 25 percent better than before; I’ve been getting nearly two days of moderate use on a charge.

The battery is in fact also bigger than in the iPhone 5: 1440 mAh, 3.8V, 5.45 Whr (iPhone 5) vs. 1570 mAh, 3.8V, 5.96 Whr (iPhone 5s). (Source: AnandTech | The iPhone 5s Review)

A short snippet of a great in-depth review you should at least have in your Read Later client of choice, makes me a little nervous about today’s iOS 7 update.

AnandTech | The iPhone 5s Review

In preparation for this review I threw iOS 7 on every iPhone that would support it, dating back to the iPhone 4. In my experience, the 4 is a bit too slow running iOS 7 - the 4S really should be the minimum requirement from a performance standpoint.

As mentioned before (in the footnote), I’m still using an iPhone 4, and even though I’m really surprised that iOS 7 will still support my device, I’m wondering what features will be supported and how they’ll work.

I’m also really looking forward to a bunch of new apps (and updates) that will look great on iOS 7, but that’s a whole different story.
For now, let’s see how good (or bad?) this completely new OS will launch later today.

  1. I’m still using an iPhone 4 and am waiting for the iPhone 5s to come out in Austria (which apparently won’t be before December) and I’m also still on iOS 6 – just to make it clear why some things sound so interesting to me.  ↩