On iOS App Switching, Multitasking And Coming "Back To iOS"

As the wishlist for iOS 7 is starting to grow, new concepts for multitasking/app switching are also showing up again.

A nice looking new concept video I recently saw, was this one (see above) by Jesse Head. He posted some thoughts about it on his blog, explaining why he did yet another concept video.
In short:

[…] Every second day you’ll hear someone whine about the lack of ‘actual multitasking’ in iOS, yet most app switching concepts don’t actually attempt to address this complaint.

While further explaining the difference between app switching and multitasking and what benefits his concept has while maintaining a "semi-active" status, he categorises is concept as app swtiching.

As Apple isn't really allowing any real (especially 3rd party) multitasking, there are already some great ways to multitask on your iOS device using apps like Drafts and Launch Center Pro in combination with iOS URL schemes and x-callback-url.

I think it's best to point in Federico Viticci's direction who creates incredible Worflows and Automations over on his site at MacStories.

There's also one interesting update to mention that is making all this multitasking and in-app communication much more interesting. Yesterday, Apple released an update for GarageBand that allows you to "Play and record music apps supported by Audiobus directly into GarageBand".
Could this mean that Apple is finally starting to let developers integrate their apps in a better way than "Open In"? This also leaves the question open if we will see Siri getting integrated into the whole system even more.

After Apple started going "Back to the Mac" and integrated some iOS features to OS X, they could now start making iOS "The world's most advanced and up-to-date mobile operating system"!
In Head's concept video, he shows the app in a "semi-active" state with full app previews and a large icon with the app's name – just like you see in Apple's "Mission Control".
Also included is a search feature, only showing apps – similar to Launchpad. I would only include open or "running" apps, as it could serve the matter of making your app switch even faster.

I'm not really unhappy with how I'm using iOS at the moment, but I'd be curious to see how Apple improves its mobile operating system even futher after all those years.
Maybe we will finally see the whole new OS we've all been waiting for.

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