Strange Advertising for Detailed Products, Precise Coffee Making and Christmas Shopping

Earlier today I stumbled over a tweet by Chris Gonzales[1]:

Besides it being a strange way to link to your article which also happens to be a guest post by Leander Kahney, the writer of Jony Ive’s biography Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, the article itself can be interesting for people interested in coffee (and brewing it at home).

In short this post is about how the creative minds behind Apple’s products sit together twice a week to brainstorm – and how they brew their coffee during this ~3 hour meeting. According to what you can read, it seems to be as detailed and with such a precision as are the projects they’re discussing.

You can start saving on a good espresso machine for home use (which will set you back between $800 and $1,300 – the one Apple used was $3,000+), or you could put one of the more affordable but also considered to be one of the best coffee makers on your “last-minute” Christmas wish list, like the AeroPress.

If you’re interested in coffee - in a more affordable way - and like to enjoy a nicely brewed cup of coffee, here’s the perfect list for Christmas.
Not only does “The Awesome Coffee Gear Guide” on Tools and Toys provide a great set of products for coffee lovers, you can also check out the Christmas Catalog if you’re not sure what you want (or give to a loved one).

  1. Who writes on and who you should check out.  ↩