Mr. Reader Updated to 3.0 with iOS 7 Design and Background Sync

After having iOS 7 for nearly 3 months now (iOS 7 released on September 18), Mr. Reader has been updated to version 3.0 yesterday with a redesign for iOS 7, a new app icon, support for devices with 64-bit processor, automatic background synchronization, and more.

What I like is that Oliver Fürniß, the developer behind Mr. Reader, didn’t choose to fully adopt an iOS 7 redesign[1] and still kept Mr. Reader 2’s layout. The sidebar, icons, design elements and features are still all available and have been slimmed down redesigned as well. The UI doesn’t look all in your face anymore, and feels much more readable now due to the lighter design – and isn’t that the point of a news aggregator after all?


As a reference, that's what version 2 looked like.


It’ll take me some time to get used to the new icon, but it was the same with the previous version. The clearer icon sure does look better on iOS 7 and well,… the hat (which makes it a real Mr. in my opinion) is also still here.

Left: v3, Right: v2

Left: v3, Right: v2

Besides minor changes and additions, one of the bigger features is the automatic backgrounds synchronization which uses iOS 7’s Background App Refresh to download your articles in the background.
As previously mentioned, Mr. Reader 3 still supports all its features (which you can find on Mr. Reader’s site) and is highly customizable.

Mr. Reader 3 is a free update on the App Store, requires iOS 7, can sync in the background, and can be enjoyed again on iOS 7.

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  1. If you want to have Mr. Reader look like this though, you can still install the “Cupertino Blue” theme.  ↩