Launch Center Pro 2.1

Contrast has a great new update for their incredibly powerful Launch Center Pro app today.
Besides being great for shortcuts, chaining actions together, or simply allowing you to declutter your home screen, the app gets more powerful with every single update.

This update comes with new features for list creating, sharing sheets, a huge update for Photo attachments, support for the latest version of TextExpander, a way to disable autocorrection in prompts, and - maybe the biggest feature - support for an alternative keyboard called "Fleksy".

Fleksy Keyboard

First the new keyboard. Fleksy is a new keyboard experience that supports a new patent pending text prediction engine which allows you to look away from the keyboard while typing. More info can be found here; and below you can see Fleksy in action.

In Launch Center Pro, when creating a new action and you have a prompt for text input, you can now choose the "Fleksy Keyboard" to type your notes. The first thing you are prompted to do is download the language for the keyboard by long pressing the space bar. For now the keyboard supports English and Spanish. In the beginning it's a strange experience to have a completely different keyboard, especially as you'll be missing some keys like punctuation (123) and two of the keys I use a lot are now in a different spot (Shift and Delete). A nice thing to help you getting used to it (while not looking at the keyboard) is the possibility to add "voice feedback". When typing you get the words read out to you as well as what letters you delete and punctuation.
After getting used to it, it can sure be a nice feature to let you type faster.

Creating Lists

Another great and new feature is the possibility to create lists with multiple options as popups. This allows you for example to combine multiple prompt choices into one like composing a text message and having a list with family members or friends – all this in a single action (for each) instead of having to "sacrifice" a whole screen for that. Of course this is only one pretty simple thing to do with lists, but as always there's a lot more to try out.

Photo Attachments

As it's easy enough to take and share photos, it is also quite easy to fill up your Camera Roll with them. Even if it's just a selfie or picture of something you only need once, or to remember something you've seen somewhere but don't want those pictures to appear in your Camera Roll, Launch Center Pro has a fix for this as well.
You can now create an action to directly open the camera for you (also trigger the front-facing camera), take a picture to share or put in your Dropbox, and all that without saving it to your Camera Roll.
If you'd like, you could also create a scheduled action to take a selfie and put it in a dedicated Dropbox folder, or simply send it to your mom (or best friend to troll him).

For every new feature mentioned about, you have a huge amount of things to do and I'm not even scratching the surface of it.
For a list of supported app and actions, you can start here.
For even more goodies and an amazing amount of actions, workflows, tips and tricks, you can read about it on MacStories.

Launch Center Pro 2.1 is a free update and available in the App Store for $4.99.