How An iPhone Can Create A Beautiful Moment

Right before the holidays, Apple aired a commercial focused on the iPhone 5s and the capability to use it with AirPlay. Besides showing the camera's Slo-Mo integration and the easy way of showcasing your recordings on an Apple TV via AirPlay, the commercial, called "Misunderstood", has a much deeper message for you.

It is a perfect timing to show this commercial before the holiday season. Not only because it's an Apple ad that shows you gift ideas, but especially because it shows a real life situation. Families visiting their relatives and spending time together for the Christmas holiday.

What you can see from the beginning, is a teenager using his iPhone every single moment he shares with his family. During their travel in the car, while greeting the relatives, while everyone is having fun and enjoying the time together, whether it's in the kitchen while cooking, playing outside in the snow or building a snowman, ice skating, or decorating the Christmas tree.

This teenager seems to behave like most of "them" would do in this situation, having an iPhone in his hand and sinking his face deep into the screen while everyone else is having a great time together.

What you don't see from the beginning, is that this teenager is actually creating a beautiful memory from his time with the family. When you think he's deep inside some game or spending time with other people on social networks, he's actually creating a heart touching video of his family vacation to preserve this important memory.

When looking at the relatives faces while they admire their boys' creation, you understand of which importance it is to create these kind of memories. It's the things you don't see yourself. It's what happens in the moment when you're doing it, but don't realize you acted this way. You capture the moment of people kissing, laughing, looking at each other in a way you can't describe. You capture the moments you're missing when they're gone.

Of course the ad is as usual wonderfully produced. It shows the device you use every single day. It has a perfectly fitting music. It shows things "just working". It ends with the message of having "Happy Holidays". That's Apple.

What it also is though, is a great message of looking at things differently. It tells you how easy it can be to be "Misunderstood". It's not only about the boy hiding behind his phone, it's also about what you can do with the device you're having with you every day. Why only spend your time on social networks, playing games, sharing things with people to show them what you're doing right now. Why not use this device to create something great. Why not create a great moment (first, if you want to) and then enjoy the moment itself while it lasts.

At the end of this post you can see the commercial, but beware, it may touch your heart.

This is a post I wrote in pair with another post (you can read here), about "How A Smartphone Can Ruin A Moment".

As I wrote in that post:

"There is a clear difference between taking some photos or recording videos for archiving a moment in your digital memory and constantly burying your face into a device to document every single step you take and not appreciating the moment you can spend with your family and friends."

This is where I think that you can instantly be misunderstood. You can never say what someone is doing with their device, but what you can do as the person itself, you can focus on enjoying the moment itself as soon as you have enough "footage" to bring back the memory to something beautiful.

And finally, here's the commercial.