The Sweet Setup

If you're enjoying great apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you might want to visit Shawn Blanc's new site The Sweet Setup.

From the moment I heard Shawn talk about it on Shawn Today (his members only podcast) I knew that I'd love the site. Not only does the site feature some really great articles right from the start, the design of the site is incredible. It's really clean, has great colors, and the product shots look great as well.

The site is not an archive for apps someone used to recommend or liked once, or a copy of the App Store's Top Grossing Apps, it's a site you'd go to when you're looking for the best – whether you're looking for an app, a workflow, a setup, accessories, or you just want to know how others are using the same apps you use daily.

In Shawn Blanc's own words (taken from The Dime Tour):

"The Sweet Setup aims to be the place you go when you (or your friends) want the best app for a certain category. Thanks so much for checking us out, and I hope you’ll stick around."

On the site's About page (cleverly named "Why We're Here") he explains why he and others are working on this site and what their approach of testing apps is.
What's best is that the site doesn't currently have any staff-writers (not the best part!), but that recent contributors are all great writers as well. It's a real joy to read articles on the site because you know you get some quality out of it – what ever you're looking for.

I can't recommend The Sweet Setup enough, so what ever you're looking for go find it on The Sweet Setup.